Yes, Calvinism is wrong. However…

Watching Christians argue over whether Calvinism is right or wrong is both amusing and sad at the same time. Because yes, while Scripture does indeed teach that Calvinism is wrong, it also teaches that Arminianism (or “Provisionism,” as some seem to prefer to call the soteriological position these days) is equally wrong. You see, both… Continue reading Yes, Calvinism is wrong. However…

Why I believe in the salvation of all humanity

The reason I believe in the eventual salvation of all humanity is really quite simple. Many years ago, while I myself was still a believer in the popular doctrine of never-ending punishment for unbelievers, I encountered debates between other Christians who also believed the popular doctrine arguing with a seemingly strange group of people who… Continue reading Why I believe in the salvation of all humanity

The Heresy Files

I’ve taken a number of my articles and converted them into PDFs (beginning with the most important ones, although I’ll try to add more as time permits), with footnotes instead of links in the paragraphs themselves, making it much easier to view the scriptural references as you read, which is useful for those who want… Continue reading The Heresy Files

Answers to “12 Questions for Those Considering Universalism”

Randy Alcorn just re-published Michael McClymond‘s article titled 12 Questions for Those Considering Universalism (originally published in December on The Gospel Coalition website as 12 Questions for the Would-Be Universalist). Because some Christians who haven’t studied the topic carefully enough might not know how easy it is to answer these questions, I thought I’d quickly do… Continue reading Answers to “12 Questions for Those Considering Universalism”

You’re not ready to reject Universalism yet

As I wrote last week, many Infernalists (and, I should add, even some Annihilationists) will quote Bible verses assuming that they disprove Universalism, and presumably also assuming that we’ve never heard those passages before (or at least assuming we don’t believe those passages are true). Anyone who does that without already knowing how it is… Continue reading You’re not ready to reject Universalism yet

The fourth option

When Infernalists or Annihilationists point out that Jesus didn’t teach Universalism while He walked the earth, they’re absolutely correct. However, He didn’t teach Infernalism or Annihilationism either. He actually taught something else altogether. Most people assume that Infernalism, Annihilationism, and Universalism are the only three options when it comes to the final possible outcome of… Continue reading The fourth option

Did Paul mean the opposite of what he wrote?

[All passages are quoted from the Concordant Literal Version of the Bible.] Me: I’d like to quote some passages the apostle Paul wrote that I’ve memorized. Would you be willing to listen to them and let me know if I’m remembering them correctly? Him (a street preacher): Sure. Go for it. Me: Okay, cool. Thanks.… Continue reading Did Paul mean the opposite of what he wrote?

The hopelessness of Infernalism

“A man content to go to heaven alone will never go to heaven.” — Boethius Because most Christians have been taught by their religious leaders that Infernalism is scriptural (Infernalism being the soteriological doctrine that not everyone will experience salvation, but that some people will instead suffer forever in some manner in a place called… Continue reading The hopelessness of Infernalism