What does the Bible say that is?

Want a handy little trick for discussing theology with Christians (especially Christians who believe that less literal translations of Scripture, such as the KJV, are well translated)? Ask them what the Bible says about the topic you’re discussing. Yesterday I was chatting with one of the street preachers here in Toronto, and he asked me… Continue reading What does the Bible say that is?

Reading the KJV concordantly

For many years now, English speaking members of the body of Christ have tended to prefer literal translations of Scripture, including Bible versions such as the CLV (the Concordant Literal Version), the YLT (Young’s Literal Translation), and the Writ (also known as the Dabhar Translation), to name what are probably the three most popular literal… Continue reading Reading the KJV concordantly

How long did “for ever” last in Bible times?

In my next article (which you can read here) I’ll be explaining how the Hebrew Scriptures (meaning the books of the Bible that are normally, and mistakenly, referred to as “the Old Testament”) prove that Infernalism is an entirely unscriptural soteriology, but first, I should quickly explain why the Hebrew words that are generally translated… Continue reading How long did “for ever” last in Bible times?