The Heresy Files

I’ve taken a number of my articles and converted them into PDFs (beginning with the most important ones, although I’ll try to add more as time permits), with footnotes instead of links in the paragraphs themselves, making it much easier to view the scriptural references as you read, which is useful for those who want… Continue reading The Heresy Files

A challenge for Christians regarding my theology

When a Christian discovers that my current interpretations of Scripture aren’t the same as the interpretations they hold to, on most occasions they feel compelled to tell me I’m wrong and that I need to stop interpreting Scripture that way. The problem is, nearly every Christian who has condemned my beliefs will try to convince… Continue reading A challenge for Christians regarding my theology

You are already a heretic

It doesn’t matter what your theological views are, nor does it matter what denomination your church is; no matter who you are, you are considered a heretic by some other group of Christians out there. What most people don’t realize is that the definition of “heresy” isn’t “false teaching,” just as the word “orthodoxy” doesn’t… Continue reading You are already a heretic

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