The Heresy Files

I’ve taken a number of my articles and converted them into PDFs (beginning with the most important ones, although I’ll try to add more as time permits), with footnotes instead of links in the paragraphs themselves, making it much easier to view the scriptural references as you read, which is useful for those who want… Continue reading The Heresy Files

Answers to “12 Questions for Those Considering Universalism”

Randy Alcorn just re-published Michael McClymond‘s article titled 12 Questions for Those Considering Universalism (originally published in December on The Gospel Coalition website as 12 Questions for the Would-Be Universalist). Because some Christians who haven’t studied the topic carefully enough might not know how easy it is to answer these questions, I thought I’d quickly do… Continue reading Answers to “12 Questions for Those Considering Universalism”

Questions you must answer

In order to convince us Mid-Acts Dispensationalists we’re wrong about our belief that there is more than one Gospel proclaimed in Scripture, one has to be able to first answer some questions. If one can’t answer these questions, they won’t be able to convince us that we’re wrong (it’s as simple as that). First, would… Continue reading Questions you must answer

Out of the frying pan, into the fire

Steve, one of the street preachers I speak with fairly regularly, likes to use his own conversion experience as proof that he’s been saved, and that those who disagree with his version of Christianity haven’t been. You see, he was apparently once a drug dealer on the streets of Toronto, involved in all manner of… Continue reading Out of the frying pan, into the fire

How one baptism proves two Gospels

Apparent contradictions in the Bible are some of the greatest evidences that there are at least two Gospels. Please note that I’m not saying these things actually are contradictions. I’m just saying that they seem to be contradictions if one doesn’t consider the proper context of each passage, and also that taking the context into… Continue reading How one baptism proves two Gospels

How Christians reject the free gift of salvation

When you tell most Christians that the outcome of Paul’s Gospel is that everyone will eventually experience the free gift of salvation, they’ll inevitably say that people have to receive the gift in order to be saved, as though that statement helps support their position that not everyone will be saved. You see, what they… Continue reading How Christians reject the free gift of salvation

How Christians walk according to flesh

To hear most Christians talk about it, you’d think that sins are something we should actively avoid committing. When the street preachers here in Toronto give their sermons, the focus is always on sin and how our sinful actions will send us to an afterlife realm called “hell” if we don’t get our sin dealt… Continue reading How Christians walk according to flesh

Making assumptions

The vast majority of Christians have been taught by their religious leaders to believe in the doctrine known as Infernalism (which is the soteriological position that some people will suffer never-ending torment in the lake of fire). And because they trust these religious leaders, when they read the Bible, most of them simply assume Infernalism… Continue reading Making assumptions