Why I believe in the salvation of all humanity

The reason I believe in the eventual salvation of all humanity is really quite simple. Many years ago, while I myself was still a believer in the popular doctrine of never-ending punishment for unbelievers, I encountered debates between other Christians who also believed the popular doctrine arguing with a seemingly strange group of people who… Continue reading Why I believe in the salvation of all humanity

The Heresy Files

I’ve taken a number of my articles and converted them into PDFs (beginning with the most important ones, although I’ll try to add more as time permits), with footnotes instead of links in the paragraphs themselves, making it much easier to view the scriptural references as you read, which is useful for those who want… Continue reading The Heresy Files

So you want to become a Christian?

Have you come to believe that the Bible is the word of God, and decided that means you should become a Christian? Well, you’re on the right track with the first part (about the Bible), but before you take the plunge into the Christian religion, there are some things you should be aware of. First… Continue reading So you want to become a Christian?

Answers to “12 Questions for Those Considering Universalism”

Randy Alcorn just re-published Michael McClymond‘s article titled 12 Questions for Those Considering Universalism (originally published in December on The Gospel Coalition website as 12 Questions for the Would-Be Universalist). Because some Christians who haven’t studied the topic carefully enough might not know how easy it is to answer these questions, I thought I’d quickly do… Continue reading Answers to “12 Questions for Those Considering Universalism”

If you’re wrong…

While watching the livestream of the Phoenix conference after getting home from talking with the Toronto street preachers I mentioned in my last post, I heard Martin Zender say something that reminded me of what Henry, another of the so-called “evangelists” there, said. Basically, he tried to “Pascal’s Wager” me by saying something along the… Continue reading If you’re wrong…

The perfect father

After reading yesterday’s story, someone pointed out to me that it reminded him of a Hosea Ballou anecdote, and I have to agree with him, so I’m sharing it here: Ballou was riding the circuit again when he stopped for the night at a New England farmhouse. The farmer was upset. He confided to Ballou… Continue reading The perfect father

What does the Bible say that is?

Want a handy little trick for discussing theology with Christians (especially Christians who believe that less literal translations of Scripture, such as the KJV, are well translated)? Ask them what the Bible says about the topic you’re discussing. Yesterday I was chatting with one of the street preachers here in Toronto, and he asked me… Continue reading What does the Bible say that is?