The perfect father

After reading yesterday’s story, someone pointed out to me that it reminded him of a Hosea Ballou anecdote, and I have to agree with him, so I’m sharing it here: Ballou was riding the circuit again when he stopped for the night at a New England farmhouse. The farmer was upset. He confided to Ballou… Continue reading The perfect father

Paying the penalty in your place

“And so, Jesus died on the cross in your place, taking the penalty for your sins so you don’t have to,” the street preacher cried out. ”Just accept the free gift of salvation and you won’t have to pay the penalty yourself!” “What’s the penalty for my sins?” I interrupted before he could continue. “Why,… Continue reading Paying the penalty in your place

Did Paul mean the opposite of what he wrote?

[All passages are quoted from the Concordant Literal Version of the Bible.] Me: I’d like to quote some passages the apostle Paul wrote that I’ve memorized. Would you be willing to listen to them and let me know if I’m remembering them correctly? Him (a street preacher): Sure. Go for it. Me: Okay, cool. Thanks.… Continue reading Did Paul mean the opposite of what he wrote?