Did Paul mean the opposite of what he wrote?

[All passages are quoted from the Concordant Literal Version of the Bible.] Me: I’d like to quote some passages the apostle Paul wrote that I’ve memorized. Would you be willing to listen to them and let me know if I’m remembering them correctly? Him (a street preacher): Sure. Go for it. Me: Okay, cool. Thanks.… Continue reading Did Paul mean the opposite of what he wrote?

God won’t force everyone to go to heaven

When discussing the topic of Universal Reconciliation, some Christians like to argue that God wouldn’t force everyone to live with Him forever in heaven, because they think He wouldn’t do anything that would go against our supposed ”free will” (many also try to sanitize the idea of never-ending torment in ”hell” or in the lake… Continue reading God won’t force everyone to go to heaven

God is still on Plan A

In my last article, I mentioned that those of us who hold to what is known as ”Concordant” theology believe God is 100% in control of absolutely everything, and that the “absolutely everything” He’s in control of includes evil and the suffering it can result in (since evil and suffering are a part of “absolutely… Continue reading God is still on Plan A

Unmerited suffering and God

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” — Anne Bradstreet As one learns more about “Concordant” theology, they’re often extremely surprised when they discover our theodicy, meaning what we believe when it comes to resolving “the… Continue reading Unmerited suffering and God

Save yourself!

Did Jesus Christ save you, or did you save yourself? Most Christians will claim to believe that Jesus saved them, but when you look at the facts it becomes apparent that they actually believe God only helps those who help themselves, and that they believe they are, in fact, their own (at least partial) saviours,… Continue reading Save yourself!