The simplest answer to the question of whether a believer can lose their salvation

The question is often asked: Can a believer lose their salvation? Now, obviously I’m not referring to general salvation here, meaning the salvation that everyone is guaranteed to eventually experience thanks to Christ’s death for our sins, entombment, and resurrection on the third day (the salvation that involves the eventual vivification — meaning immortality — justification, and sinlessness of all humanity by the time of the consummation of the eons). That’s a given, and nothing anyone does can ever exclude them from that type of salvation, because it’s based 100% on what Christ did and 0% on what we do.

And I’m not referring to the limited sort of salvation that the Israel of God will enjoy for 1,000 years in the kingdom of heaven (meaning Israel during the Millennium) either, which does seem to be something they might be able to lose out on due to certain acts, depending on how one interprets certain passages in the Circumcision writings (meaning the books of the Bible not signed by the apostle Paul).

Instead, I’m referring to the special salvation that involves becoming a member of the body of Christ, which results in experiencing our justification, vivification, and sinlessness early, before everyone else does, as well as glorification with Christ when He’s manifested, and also potentially getting to rule and reign with Christ (whether or not a member of the body of Christ can lose out on celestial rewards is another topic altogether, though, and I’m not commenting on that right now), and the answer to the question of whether someone who has joined the body of Christ can lose that membership is easily answered by quoting one passage: Now whom He designates beforehand, these He calls also, and whom He calls, these He justifies also; now whom He justifies, these He glorifies also. — Romans 8:30

There are absolutely no qualifications in that passage other than being designated beforehand by God, so if God has selected you for membership in the body of Christ, He will call you, and if He calls you, He will justify and glorify you (referring to the justification those in the body of Christ experience early; not the justification that everyone will experience by the consummation of the eons). Because there are no qualifications on our part in that verse, it means that any passage one comes across which they might think suggests someone who has been called can lose out on membership in the body, and that glorification with Christ when He comes for His body at the Snatching Away, has to be referring to something else altogether, and that’s really all there is to it.