Welcome to Concordant Gospel Resources. I’m your host and curator, Drew Costen.

In addition to sharing my own articles and free eBook on topics related to “Concordant” theology (If you aren’t sure what I mean by that, you can learn some of the basics of who we “Concordant” believers are, and what our core doctrines are, on the About page), as well as a page where I explain what the actual Good News that Paul taught was (along with a little tract on that page about the Good News, which you can print and hand out to people if you wish), I’ve created this site to provide a list of links to some of the English “Concordant” resources published by various members of the body of Christ that I’ve found useful, as well to some of our ecclesia’s social channels. This list isn’t exhaustive — I’m sure there are many I’ve missed or forgotten, and please let me know if that’s the case on one of the social channels — but these are some of the links to books, YouTube channels, and websites that I’ve personally found the most helpful, and which I recommend the most highly for the best study of Scripture from a “Concordant” perspective.

Social channels:


YouTube channels:

[I should note, while the creators of the above websites and YouTube channels are generally excellent when it comes to Scripture and theology, as within any group, there are a number of them who have very little understanding of science, and some also have unusual political views, so please “eat the meat and spit out the bones,” so to speak, at least when they get onto topics that aren’t about Scripture.]


  • The Problem of Evil and the Judgements of God by A.E. Knoch (free eBook/physical book)
  • God’s Eonian Purpose by Adlai Loudy (free eBook/physical book)
  • Nearly everything we learned at church was wrong: What the Bible actually teaches about sex, hell, tithing, and much more by Drew Costen (my own free eBook)
  • Martin Zender Goes To Hell: a critical review of an uncriticized doctrine by Martin Zender (physical book)
  • The Really Bad Thing About Free Will by Martin Zender (eBook/physical book)
  • The First Idiot In Heaven: Secrets of the Apostle Paul (And why the meek merely inherit the Earth) by Martin Zender (eBook/physical book)
  • How To Quit Church Without Quitting God: Why going to church today is unbiblical, un-Christlike, and spiritually risky by Martin Zender (eBook/physical book)
  • Flawed By Design by Martin Zender (physical book)