Is God a gentleman?

“But God won’t force people to go to heaven to live with Him against their will,” he said when he found out I believed in Universal Reconciliation. “Forcing someone to do something against their will is called rape, and God wouldn’t do that.” “I should probably point out that I’m not saying He’ll let them… Continue reading Is God a gentleman?

Jesus only returns once

Trying to refute the idea of the Snatching Away (or the rapture, as he called it), I recently had someone tell me that Jesus only returns once, saying, “There’s nothing in the Bible that indicates Jesus will return from heaven to the earth twice.” And you know what? He’s absolutely right. Jesus only returns to… Continue reading Jesus only returns once

Heaven isn’t what you think it is

[Scriptural references and extended details are in the links throughout the post.] What is heaven like? And where is it, anyway? Nearly everyone who believes in God has asked these questions at some point in their lives. The answers they’re normally given, unfortunately, are generally vague guesses or assumptions, or simply statements saying “we can’t… Continue reading Heaven isn’t what you think it is

Salvation by superiority

I’ve written about some of the street preachers of downtown Toronto before (see here and here), but I came across some of them again yesterday while on a walk, and once again the duplicity of the words they preached jumped out at me (although I believe they almost certainly had no idea how deceptive what they… Continue reading Salvation by superiority

Reading the Bible out of order

There’s an important principle of Bible study that has been ignored by nearly all Christians, and because of this, Christianity is full of unscriptural doctrines. You see, God defined what was considered to be sinful for Israelites in the Mosaic law, and basically told them everything they needed to know about life and death in… Continue reading Reading the Bible out of order

He was entombed

We all know the Gospel that Paul preached by now: That Christ died for our sins, that He was entombed, and that He was roused the third day. Most Christians claim to believe this, of course, but the truth is that very few actually do. I’ve gotten into other reasons why in other posts, so… Continue reading He was entombed