“The last trump” will indeed be the last trump

Most members of the body of Christ believe the Snatching Away (aka the Rapture) will take place prior to the Tribulation, but this brings up the question of how “the last trump” of 1 Corinthians 15:52 can be sounded prior to our being quickened, or vivified (meaning made immortal), and caught up in the air to meet the Lord before the Tribulation begins when Revelation talks about 7 trumpets which will be sounded during the Tribulation period. Well, I believe the answer to that question is: “The last trump” will indeed be the last trumpet to sound, even though it sounds before the 7 trumpets of Revelation. That, of course, sounds like a contradiction, but only if you aren’t familiar with the concept of the “Mountain Peaks” of Prophecy.

For those who aren’t familiar with the “Mountain Peaks” aspect of prophecy, it refers to how there can be prophetic “valleys,” meaning events taking place within the same timeframe of a part of a specific prophecy, but which were not explicitly mentioned within said prophecy and which the prophet himself is not necessarily even aware of, yet which are later revealed to us in other prophecies, with these prophetic “valleys” being situated between the prophetic “mountain peaks,” meaning the events that the prophet actually did foresee and foretell within said prophecy; for example, while Jesus’ earthly ministry and reign as King of Israel was foreseen and foretold in various prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures (meaning the books of the Bible that are generally referred to as “the Old Testament”), the church called the body of Christ and the current dispensation of the grace of God were entirely unknown to the prophets recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures — from their perspective, all they could see was one unbroken ministry of a Messiah coming to save and lead Israel during one unbroken period of time on earth, because they couldn’t see the “valley of the church” hidden between the “mountain peaks” of Jesus’ first and second time on earth, with those “mountain peaks” even seeming like one “mountain” to them from their “vantage point” — and this can even happen within a single sentence in a prophecy, as demonstrated in Luke 4:14–21 where Jesus stopped reading Isaiah 61:1–2 before the end of the sentence in verse 2, because the part of that prophecy about “the day of vengeance of our God” hadn’t begun at that time yet, since it won’t happen until around the time of His Second Coming.

But how does this apply to the last trump? Well, think of 1 Corinthians 15:52 as being perceived from a forward-facing view of a prophetic mountain. If all we read was that one verse, we’d think it’s only going to sound one time. But if we consider it from a “sideways” perspective, similar to the way the above example image is viewed, and read verses 22 through 24 of the chapter, we realize it’s going to sound at least 3 different times: once when the body of Christ is vivified (“Christ the firstfruits”), again when the dead members of the Israel of God are resurrected and vivified at the resurrection of the just (“afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming”) — 75 days after Jesus‘ second coming (and please compare the numbers in Daniel 12:11-13 to the numbers in Revelation 13:5 to understand the 75 day difference between Jesus’ Second Coming and the resurrection of the just) — and finally when everyone else is made alive/vivified (“Then cometh the end,“ referring to the final — “end” — group of people to be made alive/quickened/vivified, including those who died a second time in the lake of fire), which will take place at the consummation of the eons (or end of the ages).

So to put it simply, the trumpet referred to as “the last trump” will sound at the time that we, the body of Christ, are resurrected and/or vivified. After that, there will be 7 other trumpets sounding during the Tribulation. Two and a half months after the Tribulation ends, the trumpet referred to as “the last trump” will then sound a second time. And by the time of the consummation of the eons, it will have sounded a final time (thus justifying its label as “the last trump”), resurrecting everyone who is left dead in the lake of fire at that time and vivifying them also.