Will anyone escape death?

There’s a strange doctrine being taught by certain members of the body of Christ recently which suggests that the Snatching Away is not something we should actually consider to be our blessed hope (or happy expectation, depending on your Bible translation), but rather that everyone in the body of Christ will instead definitely die, and… Continue reading Will anyone escape death?

The Heresy Files

I’ve taken a number of my articles and converted them into PDFs (beginning with the most important ones, although I’ll try to add more as time permits), with footnotes instead of links in the paragraphs themselves, making it much easier to view the scriptural references as you read, which is useful for those who want… Continue reading The Heresy Files

The fourth option

When Infernalists or Annihilationists point out that Jesus didn’t teach Universalism while He walked the earth, they’re absolutely correct. However, He didn’t teach Infernalism or Annihilationism either. He actually taught something else altogether. Most people assume that Infernalism, Annihilationism, and Universalism are the only three options when it comes to the final possible outcome of… Continue reading The fourth option

God won’t force everyone to go to heaven

When discussing the topic of Universal Reconciliation, some Christians like to argue that God wouldn’t force everyone to live with Him forever in heaven, because they think He wouldn’t do anything that would go against our supposed ”free will” (many also try to sanitize the idea of never-ending torment in ”hell” or in the lake… Continue reading God won’t force everyone to go to heaven

Christianity is more negative than Atheism

A fellow member of the body of Christ by the name of Alan posted this over on the Concordant Believers Discord, and gave me permission to share it. I’ve edited it slightly for punctuation and spelling and such, but otherwise I’ve posted it as it was shared: “Christians like to shit on atheists for saying… Continue reading Christianity is more negative than Atheism

What is death?

[Please click the links as you go through this article, since they will take you to my scriptural references, as well as to articles containing extended exegesis on my various points.] What is death? The answer to this question is simple: death is the absence of life. In fact, this is such a simple concept… Continue reading What is death?

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What the Bible really says about heaven, hell, judgement, death, evil, sin, and salvation

[If you’d prefer a printable version of this Bible study, with the scriptural references in footnotes rather than in links, you can find it here: PDF edition] IMPORTANT! READ THIS INTRODUCTION FIRST: As nearly everyone knows, one of the most popular doctrines within modern Christianity is the idea that anyone who doesn’t “get saved” before they… Continue reading What the Bible really says about heaven, hell, judgement, death, evil, sin, and salvation