Yes, Calvinism is wrong. However…

Watching Christians argue over whether Calvinism is right or wrong is both amusing and sad at the same time. Because yes, while Scripture does indeed teach that Calvinism is wrong, it also teaches that Arminianism (or “Provisionism,” as some seem to prefer to call the soteriological position these days) is equally wrong.

You see, both sides are missing the foundational truth, which is that Christ’s death for our sins, burial, and resurrection on the third day will eventually result in the salvation of all humanity. Because they aren’t aware that this is what the Bible teaches, they all end up in a pointless argument with one another. In the end, both sides need to reject their soteriology and embrace a truly scriptural soteriology. Here’s a good starting point:

What the Bible really says about heaven, hell, judgement, death, sin, and salvation (This is a PDF; if you’d prefer a webpage version of this Bible study, you can read it on this website by clicking here.)