It’s Not Their Fault

One thing that can frustrate a Universalist to no end is the fact that Universal Reconciliation seems to be one of the clearest doctrines in Scripture yet most Christians can’t seem to see it at all. Most Christians interpret certain parables, metaphors and other biblical figures of speech as teaching Everlasting Torment (often refered to… Continue reading It’s Not Their Fault

What if You’re Wrong

A lot of people have asked me over the years, “what if you’re wrong about Universal Reconciliation?” I could go (and have gone) into all sorts of reasons as to why I believe I’m right, but truth be told I could be wrong. I mean, I believed in Everlasting Torment in hell for about 20… Continue reading What if You’re Wrong

Yes, I Am a Universalist

I know some people (some are friends, so if any of them are reading this post, please keep in mind that this is not a criticism) who, while believing that UR (Universal Reconciliation) is the most scriptural soteriological model, don’t actually like to be refered to as “Universalists.” This is mostly because “Universalism” is sometimes… Continue reading Yes, I Am a Universalist

Photos of Hell

When Jesus spoke about “hell” in the Bible, the word He really used in most cases was “Gehenna” (the Bible wasn’t originally written in English, and that’s what the word Jesus used was). Gehenna, also known as the Valley of Hinnom, was actually a place in Israel where many believe garbage was burned at the… Continue reading Photos of Hell