This website is not run by the Concordant Publishing Concern

It’s been brought to my attention that some people have mistakenly assumed this website is run by the CPC (the Concordant Publishing Concern, who are the people responsible for the translation and publishing of the CLV, meaning the Concordant Literal Version of the Bible). While those who run the CPC are fellow “Concordant” believers, and as such are fellow members of the body of Christ, and while I probably agree with those who run the CPC when it comes to 99% of our respective doctrines and understandings of Scripture, I’m not technically affiliated with the organization in any way, and neither are they affiliated with this website in any way.

I suspect the confusion stems from a misunderstanding of what the word “concordant” means, as well as how it’s used in different places. The word “concordant” literally just means “consistent,” which is why their Bible translation has “Concordant” in its name. As they say on their website (which you can find at, “The Concordant Publishing Concern is a non-denominational, non-profit association founded for the purpose of disseminating the facts and truths of the ancient manuscripts of the Scriptures. Our research efforts are centered upon the many issues involved in discovering the meaning of the original Scripture terms themselves. We seek to determine how we may best translate these same Scriptures, striving to do so objectively, accurately, and consistently. Our translation principles, both of vocabulary and grammatical analysis, govern all that we do.”

To learn more about the Concordant Publishing Concern, including more details on why they use the word “Concordant” in the name of their translation, please read their About page.

As for why this website (Concordant Gospel Resources) uses the word “Concordant” in its title, it’s largely because there’s a set of doctrines based on interpreting Scripture more consistently than most Christians do which I happen to hold to, and English-speaking members of the body of Christ who agree with these doctrines are sometimes referred to as “Concordant” believers (if you’d like to learn what those doctrines are, you can find them on this website’s About page). Of course, the fact that most “Concordant” believers also tend to prefer using the CLV above other Bible versions (and many consider it to be the most accurate English translation of Scripture) probably doesn’t help when it comes to confusing the CPC and this website, but while there is a connection between those who run the CPC and myself (inasmuch as we’re all in the body of Christ and are technically all “Concordant” believers, at least to the best of my knowledge), Concordant Gospel Resources is still not affiliated with the Concordant Publishing Concern in any way.