Where in the world is Drew Costen?

As I write this, I’m sitting in downtown Toronto, Ontario, but if the time ever comes that you can’t find me (presuming I haven’t died or something), and you’re wondering where in the world I might be, I’d suggest taking a look at the various websites — and, perhaps even more importantly, the various YouTube and TikTok channels — linked to on the homepage of this website (I’d suggest taking a look at our Discord chat server linked to from there as well). If it turns out that basically all of them have suddenly stopped posting new material and creating new videos (and most of us have gone silent on our Discord server), odds are the Snatching Away has occurred and I’m not longer in the world at all, but rather have been taken up to heaven, along with the rest of the body of Christ.

And if you’re a Christian thinking that’s impossible, because you’re still here, I’m sorry to tell you that the Christian religion could never actually save anyone, and that members of the Christian religion were never actually members of the body of Christ to begin with (despite what your religious leaders told you), because you believed the false gospel of Christianity (although, if you’re reading this before the Snatching Away, you still have time to believe the true Gospel that Paul taught, time I hope you’ll take advantage of to do so).

If this has come to be, it means a seven-year period of time generally known as the Tribulation is about to begin (or has already begun), and so if you hear two witnesses annoying the world with their preaching and miracles, listen to what they have to say rather than the impending world leader (who very well may promote the Christian religion as true, at least for a few years) if you want to get to live in the kingdom of heaven when it begins in Israel at the end of the Tribulation (after Jesus returns). Alternatively, be sure to do good to the Israelites that this man of lawlessness (the impending world leader) will eventually betray, and you’ll be counted among the sheep when Jesus returns and get to live in the kingdom at that time as well.