Photos of Hell

When Jesus spoke about “hell” in the Bible, the word He really used in most cases was “Gehenna” (the Bible wasn’t originally written in English, and that’s what the word Jesus used was). Gehenna, also known as the Valley of Hinnom, was actually a place in Israel where many believe garbage was burned at the time, and is also the place that Israelites once sacrificed their babies to the god Molech. Here is a photograph of that valley today, the one Jesus used as an image of judgement with fires that would apparently never be extinguished:
Photo by Mark Hodge

I find this to be a good reminder of just how everlasting “hell” will actually be. The burning garbage dump and place of worship of other deities that Jesus used to warn people of impending judgement is now a pleasant area one might enjoy an afternoon picnic in. Gehenna reminds us that while judgement exists, and can even be harsh for a time, the end result will be positive.

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