Why only Universalists can be saved

As I mentioned in my last article, few Christians understand what it is that the Gospel which Paul taught means, and because of that, it seems safe to say that very few Christians have been saved yet. (I’m referring to salvation from a relative perspective, I should say, meaning the salvation that brings one into membership in the body of Christ; from an absolute perspective, of course, everyone has already been saved because of what Christ accomplished.)

As I wrote in that last article, the end result of the Gospel which Paul preached is the salvation of all humanity, and because you can’t believe something without understanding what it means, and because very few Christians have actually understood what the Gospel really means, we have to conclude that most Christians haven’t actually believed the Gospel at all, which means they haven’t been saved yet.

Now, one could try to argue that anybody who believes that the words in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 (which is where Paul summarizes his Gospel, not to be confused with the Gospel of the kingdom) are true is saved, but every single Independent Fundamentalist Baptist, every single Roman Catholic, every single Mormon, and every single Jehovah’s Witness can honestly say that they believe the words in that passage are true, and yet nearly everyone in each of those groups would argue that those in the other groups haven’t been saved because they don’t understand what the words in that passage mean (and hence haven’t actually believed the Gospel). Well, I would agree with all of them, that nobody in any of those groups understands or believes what it is that Paul’s Gospel means, and because of this, almost nobody who calls themself a Christian has been saved yet, especially among those who are not Universalists, since it’s impossible to believe Paul’s Gospel without being a Universalist, considering the fact that the end result of his Gospel is the salvation of all. (Although I should clarify that being a Universalist doesn’t mean one has been saved yet either, since simply believing that everyone will be saved isn’t enough; one has to also understand and believe the reason why everyone will be saved, as explained in Paul’s Gospel, in order to truly join the body of Christ now — and they have to also understand what it is Christ’s death and entombment actually means as well, I should add.)

Bottom line, if you want to join the body of Christ and experience the salvation that Christ won for us before everyone else gets to, you need to truly understand and believe what it is Paul’s Gospel means. But everyone will still get to experience salvation eventually — even Christians.