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I could go on and on about the multitude of ideas that those within the Christian religion are confused about thanks to the flawed assumptions they begin with, and a lack of desire to actually take the time to dig into what the Bible really says, preferring to simply accept what their religious leaders teach instead, but that should be more than enough to explain why I couldn’t ever return to Christianity. Of course, at this point the real question isn’t why I couldn’t return to the Christian religion, but why you yourself might still consider having anything to do with such an unscriptural, not to mention harmful, institution (and why you would risk your soul within its “sanctuaries”).

Nearly everything in this book should really be considered “Scripture 101,” and everyone who has read through the Word of God should already be completely familiar with most of what I’ve covered. However, I suspect that most of what I’ve written here is brand new for many who are reading it for the first time. Sadly, Satan’s false apostles, deceitful workers, and ministers of righteousness within Churchianity (aka the vain talkers and deceivers who are leading and teaching the followers of the Christian religion) have hijacked the Bible, convincing billions that Scripture is actually a much more conservative set of documents than it really is (not to mention convince them that it’s a rulebook which every human alive is expected to follow in its entirety), and have also managed to deceive billions into thinking that God is capable of allowing never-ending torture to occur, or is at least willing to leave the majority of humans to remain dead forever thanks to those who teach Annihilationism (with both false teachings causing people to reject God altogether thanks to the monstrous false image of God we’ve been told is the real God, although at least Annihilationists are capable of understanding that words like “hell” and “everlasting” don’t mean what Infernalists have assumed them to mean, even if they don’t follow this understanding through to its obvious conclusion). These lies, along with the other errors that seem to keep the majority of humanity (including most Christians) from experiencing eonian life, make the Christian religion the most nefarious cult there is (yes, that’s what the Christian religion really is: an idolatrous cult of confusion, hypocrisy, false expressions, guilt, and erotophobia — which might be somewhat ironic considering the fact that those who practice this religion are in a constant state of πορνεία with evil spirits themselves, figuratively-speaking). The actual truths of Scripture set people completely free, but the conservative, “orthodox” teachings of Christianity only enslave people through its unscriptural rules, unnecessary shame, unloving discrimination, and threats of unending punishment (although it’s important to also keep in mind that, at least from an absolute perspective, it’s not ultimately the fault of those people who are leading the Christian religion that this is so).

Unfortunately, this means that most who have made it all the way through this book will not be sure what to believe, or will think it’s so foreign to what they were taught growing up that they’ll just reject it out of hand, which could just mean that God hasn’t chosen them to be a member of the body of Christ, or at least hasn’t called them yet (although there are, of course, various types of eonian life available to be experienced, depending on when one lives, anyway; so if you still haven’t come to understand and believe Paul’s Gospel, you might get to enjoy the eonian life that involves living in Israel after Jesus returns if you happen to live through the Tribulation and take care of Israelites who are persecuted during the second half of it, and the members of the Israel of God will also be given eonian life after Jesus returns, and will get to reign over the rest of the world from Israel). However, for those chosen few of you who do dig deeper and then realize that you need to reject organized religion and the teachings and practices of Christianity, you’ll be left wondering what you should do instead. Well, first of all, it means that you get to sleep in on Sunday (or Saturday) mornings if you want to. Beyond that, however, if you can find a nearby ecclesia that actually believes what Scripture says, it might be a good group to check out. That said, many, if not most, of the members of the body of Christ have to go it fairly alone, or at least without a regular ecclesia to fellowship with, since it seems there are very few members of the body of Christ in any particular area. I should say that this is not a new problem; the ecclesia made up of the body of Christ has been extremely small from almost the beginning, and I’d be surprised to see this change before the Snatching Away occurs. It fell into apostasy and people separated from it very early on — some of these divisions and separations from Paul’s Gospel and the actual body of Christ becoming the so-called Orthodox and Catholic denominations we know today (a number of the so-called “Early Church Fathers” of these denominations, Polycarp and Irenaeus for example, were from the very province that Paul said “all” had turned away from him in during his imprisonment, which makes any of their teachings, and then any of the later teachings by those who accepted their teachings, suspect to begin with), from which the Evangelical and other Protestant denominations of this religion later sprang — and it seems to have never regained its original size.

This means that, if you can’t find any fellow members to fellowship with where you live, you should just keep studying the Scriptures. You’re far better off not participating in any sort of church gathering than you are participating in Churchianity, so I’d suggest leaving the Institutional Church behind completely. Yes, it’s beneficial to fellowship with likeminded believers if you can find them, but you won’t find many, if any, of them in the denominations of Christendom, at least not if you happen to agree with what I’ve written in this book. That said, we do have a Discord server (which is a sort of online chat room), and there are also a number of other websites and YouTube channels for English speaking members of of the body of Christ, which you can find linked to over on the home page of this site as well, so please check them out.

But bottom line, to those of you who are inspired to do so, pull out your Bibles, concordances, and Hebrew and Koine Greek dictionaries, fire up your search engines, and start studying to “shew thyself approved.” And while digging into what Scripture actually means, remember that “the first pleader seems right in his contention until his associate comes and investigates him,” so just because the assumptions Christians make about what the Bible means might sound correct to you at first, investigate carefully as to whether what they’re saying actually is right, becauseit is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” Be warned, however, that if you do come to the conclusions I have about Scripture, you’ll likely be called a heretic by the “orthodox” members of Christianity, and even shunned (if not worse) by many of them. But to that threat I simply repeat the words of A. E. Knoch: “Heretic” is the highest earthly title which can be bestowed at this time.