Why did the devil create the Christian religion?

The Christian religion was created to drive people away from God and the truth. The devil uses it to trick people into not understanding that Christ actually died and that He was entombed, as Paul’s evangel states He did and was, as well to fool people into believing they have to choose to do something in order to be saved, and he also uses doctrines like Infernalism (aka never-ending conscious torment in the lake of fire) to make people think God is a monster, but another way that Satan uses Christianity to drive people from God is through the perversion of sexuality that Christians believe in. There are a number of things Christians get wrong about sexuality, and I’ve written about them here, but this quote by a woman named Melody in the comments of a blog of an atheist friend of my wife’s family (and, I like to think, a friend of mine too) really drives it home:

“Incidently it was realizing that I was gay that made the largest dent in my faith. I’d been trying to please God for so long – as a woman, even as a Christian feminist – being gay just was the last straw. I knew I’d never be able to truly please God as I was and it made me so angry at Him! I’d never be able to love, to marry, only because of some ancient God who hated women, who hated gays, who basically hated nearly everybody, and because of some old stupid book I’d never be able to have a loving relationship. It made me realize that if I could never truly please this grumpy God, should I even want to? It made me realize that perhaps I did have a choice in serving Him; that I could possibly walk away…”

What better way to drive a good portion of the population from God than by making them think God hates them for who they are? We know that there’s nothing wrong with being gay (for those who are new here, read that article about lust and sexuality I wrote that I linked to above), but Christians largely seem to think there is, and their perverted bigotry and confusion about what Scripture teaches perfectly succeeds in completing Satan’s plan to keep people from realizing that God actually does love them exactly as they are.