On Universal Reconciliation

This is an introduction to the topic of Universal Reconciliation (also known as Universal Salvation, the doctrine of Apocatastasis [or Apokatastasis], Scriptural Universalism, and Christian Universalism, among other names), the doctrine that all people will eventually be (or already have been) reconciled or saved by Christ.

I have included many different articles on Universal Reconciliation by many different Christian Universalists here. Keep in mind as you read that, while there are Universalist denominations out there, Christian Universalism is technically not a denomination at all but is rather a soteriological model just like Calvinism and Arminianism are (or Infernalism and Annihilationism are, if you prefer). Keep in mind as well that not all Christian Universalists agree one hundred percent with each other on every aspect of theology any more than every Calvinist or Arminian does, so you might find points in some of the articles that disagree with each other (and please note that most of these articles are not written by “Concordant” believers).

I’m providing these resources to demonstrate that Scripture seems to teach Universal Reconciliation over the alternative views of soteriology, and also to show that tradition and basic common sense back it up as well.

Articles on Universal Reconciliation and Related Topics:

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