Why we are not Trinitarians

Those of us who are sometimes referred to as “Concordant” believers are not Trinitarians (we aren’t Modalists either, for many of the same reasons we don’t believe in the Trinity). I’m not going to get into the reasons for why we’re not Trinitarians myself, however, but instead I’m going to provide a list of links to a number of studies on this topic by other members of our ecclesia, as well as to some websites by people who aren’t necessarily “Concordant” believers, but who also understand the truth about the doctrine of the Trinity.

For anyone who is looking for the list of links to the articles on the pre-existence debate that were once included on this page, I’ve now moved them onto their own separate page, which you can find here: Concordant Christology: Arianism vs Socinianism

The following websites are not necessarily run by ”Concordant” believers, but they do contain some excellent arguments against the doctrine of the Trinity, so I’m linking to them here as well.