Concordant Christology: Trinitarianism vs Unitarianism

Those of us in the ecclesia called the body of Christ — not to be confused with members of the Christian religion who mistakenly use our title — are not Trinitarians (nor are we Modalists, for the same reasons we don’t believe in the Trinity). There is a minor debate within our ecclesia as to whether Arianism or Socinianism is more likely to be true (meaning there is a bit of a disagreement as to whether Jesus existed consciously prior to His birth as a human or not), but we don’t let that get in the way of fellowship between members of the body, so long as one doesn’t hold to any form of Christology which teaches that Jesus Christ didn’t cease to exist as a conscious being when He died for our sins, and when He was entombed, prior to God rousing Him on the third day.

I’m not going to get into the reasons for why we’re Unitarian rather than Trinitarian in this article myself, however, but instead I’m going to provide a list of links to a number of articles and PDF scans of books on this topic by members of our ecclesia, as well as to some websites by others who aren’t necessarily “Concordant” believers, but who also understand the truth about this doctrine.

I’ll also provide a list of links to some articles by Aaron Welch and Martin Zender to help clarify the details about the disagreement as to whether Arianism or Socinianism is more likely to be correct, beginning with the articles Aaron wrote that began the debate between the two of them, followed by Martin’s arguments against the points Aaron made in his articles, and finally Aaron’s follow-up to Martin’s arguments, along with a list of links to a series of articles in the BSN (the Bible Student’s Notebook) which contain an updated version of Aaron’s original articles.

Articles and books

The pre-existence of Christ debate


The following websites are not necessarily run by ”Concordant” believers, but they do contain some excellent arguments against the doctrine of the Trinity, so I’m linking to them here as well.