Star Trek viewing order guide

This page has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this website (which is about “Concordant” theology). I just happen to also be a big fan of Star Trek and needed a place to post my recommended viewing order list of the TV series and movies which I created for new viewers of the series. If you aren’t into Star Trek, please feel free to ignore this and read other parts of this site. If you are newly into Star Trek, however, and want to watch every episode and film but don’t know where to start, here’s what I consider to be the best viewing order (the legend of series names is at the end of the post):

TOS Pilot The Cage (First Pilot)

TOS S1E3 Where No Man Has Gone Before (Second Pilot. Watch before rest of TOS)

TOS S1E1-2 The Man Trap to Charlie X

TOS S1E4-S3E24 The Naked Time to Turnabout Intruder (series finale)

TAS S1E1-S2E6 Beyond the Farthest Star to The Counter-Clock Incident (series finale)

Star Trek 1: The Motion Picture

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock

Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home

Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier

Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country

TNG S1E1-S6E11 Encounter at Farpoint part 1 to Chain of Command part 2

DS9 S1E1-4 Emissary part 1 to A Man Alone

TNG S6E12-15 Ship in a Bottle to Tapestry

DS9 S1E5-8 Babel to Dax

TNG S6E16-S7E1 Birthright part 1 to Descent part 2

DS9 S1E9-20 The Passenger to In the Hands of the Prophets

TNG S7E2-13 Liaisons to Homeward

DS9 S2E1-12 The Homecoming to The Alternate

TNG S7E14-20 Sub Rosa to Journey’s End

DS9 S2E13-21 Armageddon Game to The Maquis part 2

TNG S7E21-26 Firstborn to All Good Things part 2 (series finale)

DS9 S2E22-S3E8 The Wire to Meridian

Star Trek 7: Generations

DS9 S3E9-12 Defiant to Past Tense part 2

VOY S1E1-16 Caretaker part 1 to Learning Curve

DS9 S3E13-26 Life Support to The Adversary

VOY S2E1-12 The 37s to Resistance

DS9 S4E1-10 The Way of the Warrior part 1 to Our Man Bashir

VOY S2E13-S3E1 Prototype to Basics part 2

DS9 S4E11-26 Homefront to Broken Link

VOY S3E2-16 Flashback to Blood Fever

DS9 S5E1-13 Apocalypse Rising to For the Uniform

Star Trek 8: First Contact

VOY S3E17-S4E2 Unity to The Gift

DS9 S5E14-26 In Purgatory’s Shadow to Call to Arms

VOY S4E3-9 Day of Honor to Year of Hell part 2

DS9 S6E1-11 A Time to Stand to Waltz

VOY S4E10-26 Random Thoughts to Hope and Fear

DS9 S6E12-S7E9 Who Mourns for Morn? to Covenant

VOY S5E1-9 Night to Thirty Days

Star Trek 9: Insurrection

DS9 S7E10-26 It’s Only a Paper Moon to What You Leave Behind (series finale)

VOY S5E10-S7E26 Counterpoint to Endgame part 2 (series finale)

Star Trek 10: Nemesis

ENT S1E1-S4E22 Broken Bow part 1 to These Are the Voyages… (series finale)

Star Trek (2009 reboot movie set mostly in the Kelvin timeline)

Star Trek Into Darkness (2nd reboot movie)

Star Trek Beyond (3rd reboot movie)

DIS S1E1-15 The Vulcan Hello to Will You Take My Hand?

ST S1E1-4 Runaway to The Escape Artist

DIS S2E1-14 Brother to Such Sweet Sorrow part 2

ST S2E1-6 Q&A to Children of Mars

PIC S1E1-10 Remembrance to Et in Arcadia Ego part 2

DIS S3E1-13 That Hope Is You part 1 to That Hope Is You part 2

LD S1E1-S2E10 Second Contact to First First Contact

PRO S1E1-10 Lost & Found part 1 to A Moral Star part 2

DIS S4E1-13 Kobayashi Maru to Coming Home

PIC S2E1-10 The Star Gazer to Farewell

SNW S1E1-10 Strange New Worlds to A Quality of Mercy

LD S3E1-10 Grounded to (currently untitled)

PRO S1E11 – 20 (currently untitled) to (currently untitled)


TOS: The Original Series (set in the 23rd century)

TAS: The Animated Series (begins immediately after TOS)

TNG: The Next Generation (begins approximately 70 years after The Undiscovered Country)

DS9: Deep Space Nine

VOY: Voyager

ENT: Enterprise (begins about 100 years before TOS)

DIS: Discovery (set in the Prime timeline again, beginning a couple years after the first TOS Pilot: The Cage, and about 10 years before the rest of TOS S1)

ST: Short Treks

PIC: Picard (begins about 20 years after Nemesis)

LD: Lower Decks (begins very shortly after Nemesis)

PRO: Prodigy (begins a few years after the beginning of Lower Decks)

SNW: Strange New Worlds (begins shortly after Discovery season 2)