The “charismatic” spiritual gifts aren’t for the body of Christ today

[The links in the following paragraph, which is an edited excerpt from chapter 7 of my eBook, aren’t necessarily written by members of the body of Christ, but the writers do seem to have a somewhat decent understanding of what it means to “rightly divide the word of truth,” so I still recommend reading them.]

It came up in a discussion on Reddit recently, so I thought I should post this here as well for those among my readers who might not realize that the “charismatic” spiritual gifts that some pastors say one should have really aren’t meant for those in the dispensation of grace to day, meaning for those in the body of Christ. There’s a slight possibility they might still be active for some saved under the Gospel of the Circumcision, since they were basically meant as a sign for Jews anyway — even those in the body of Christ were mostly “speaking in tongues,” for example, as a sign for unbelieving Jews (who often required a sign to accept Jesus as their Messiah) — but for those under the Gospel of the Uncircumcision, they appear to have come to an end as Israel as a whole fully rejected the Messiah, quite likely around the time recorded in Acts 28, as evidenced by the fact that even Paul, whose simple handkerchiefs could heal those who touched them at one time, could no longer heal people by the time he wrote to Timothy, and even suggested that Timothy take some wine for his stomach and other ailments rather than seek the gift of healing as those saved under the Gospel of the Circumcision were instructed to do.

That’s not to say God can’t or doesn’t ever do miracles anymore, just that they’re the exception rather than the rule while the reason for the sign gifts has been temporarily paused (so, until the final Gentile meant to enter the body of Christ does so and God’s focus returns to Israel and the Gospel of the Circumcision becomes the only Evangel to be proclaimed on earth once again (which means that if you’re reading this after the Snatching Away has occurred, and the final heptad — meaning the seven year period often called the Tribulation — has begun, then Paul’s epistles weren’t written to you and it’s time to focus on the Circumcision writings instead).

If you’re new here, by the way, and aren’t familiar with the difference between the body of Christ and the Israel of God, I wrote about it in detail the first chapter of my book, which is available for free here on this website.