No, the COVID-19 vaccine is not the mark of the beast

I’m writing this in response to a question I was recently asked about this topic on YouTube in the comments section (where my response was automatically deleted by YouTube, probably because the algorithm thought I was being anti-vaccine). Normally I try to stay away from political topics on this website, but this topic never should have been politicized in the first place, and too many members of the body of Christ have fallen for the same lies that members of the Christian religion have fallen for, so I’m posting this response here:

No, the COVID-19 vaccine is not the mark of the beast. I believe the mark will be a real, physical mark or implant, and it’ll be on or in the right-hand or forehead, not injected into our bloodstream through our biceps. In addition, the mark of the beast doesn’t even make an appearance until halfway through the Tribulation, and is connected with the man of lawlessness (sometimes referred to as the antichrist), neither of which have made themselves known quite yet.

No, the vaccine is just that, a vaccine. Unfortunately, going all the way back to the smallpox vaccine in the 1700s, religious conservatives have reacted with fear and suspicion to all vaccines, so the reaction to this one is no different, sadly, leading to all sorts of unnecessary suffering and death with every vaccine ever created.

And no, it isn’t a conspiracy or a hoax. The idea that this is all a conspiracy is honestly ridiculous, and there’s literally no way that it’s a hoax. There isn’t an organization in the world that could pull such a thing off. They’d have to control every government in the world (governments that don’t agree with each other on anything), every hospital in the world, every real news organization in the world, every actually reputable scientist in the world, etc.

With that in mind, I do wish that those in the body of Christ who are doing so would stop copying those in the Christian religion and go get vaccinated (and wear masks when indoors without grumbling too), since helping prevent the spread of disease is the loving thing to do (I believe Someone important once said that we should love our neighbours as ourselves). COVID-19 is quite real, and quite dangerous. Even if it doesn’t kill you, it can still do horrible long-term damage to your organs and even to your brain, not to mention the possibility of Long COVID, which my mother-in-law still has over a year after first catching the virus, keeping her from being able to return to work all this time later because of it, so we do need to take this pandemic seriously. This isn’t a disease to be taken lightly, and the conspiracy theories that certain religious conservatives are pushing are responsible for much more death and suffering than ever needed to happen, so let’s not go helping them kill and maim even more people.