All things are permitted

There’s a very simple bit of theology that Christians don’t seem to have caught onto yet: According to the Bible, we can do whatever we want to do (1 Corinthians 6:12). Does the Bible really tell us we’re free to sin? Yes, technically it does. We can do pretty much anything and we’re still covered… Continue reading All things are permitted

The lusts of the flesh

Is it wrong to lust after an attractive girl? Did Jesus ever lust? I’ve been meaning to write about the topics of lust and sex for a little while now, but a friend of mine beat me to it. So, before I get into the subject myself, I want you to first watch Martin Zender… Continue reading The lusts of the flesh

God’s terrible mistake

On the third day of creation, God made a mistake so extreme that the world still hasn’t fully recovered. I know, it’s hard to believe, but after two days of creating a whole universe you’d have trouble maintaining perfection too. The physics involved in creating gravity alone would be enough to drive a mere mortal… Continue reading God’s terrible mistake

We are all innocent

Those who know me well know that I don’t believe in “free will,” or at least that I think it’s the biggest misnomer there is, philosophically and theologically speaking. Every person alive is a victim of their genetics and past experiences. In other words, every choice we make is predetermined by a combination of our… Continue reading We are all innocent

Do Universalists need Jesus?

Someone I know recently said that if Universalism is true then we don’t need Jesus and, since I’ve heard this statement too many times from too many traditionalists, I felt a need to give a short response to it here. As a Universalist, I like to respond to assertions like this one with a parable… Continue reading Do Universalists need Jesus?

TULIP for Universalists

Believe it or not, I find that there is a little bit in Calvinism to agree with, particularly their take on the sovereignty of God. There are some points where we disagree, though, what with me being a Universalist and all, so I thought I’d give my Universalist take on TULIP: 1. Total Mortality and… Continue reading TULIP for Universalists