Reading the KJV concordantly

For many years now, English speaking members of the body of Christ have tended to prefer literal translations of Scripture, including Bible versions such as the CLV (the Concordant Literal Version), the YLT (Young’s Literal Translation), and the Writ (also known as the Dabhar Translation), to name what are probably the three most popular literal… Continue reading Reading the KJV concordantly

The Hebrew Scriptures prove Infernalism is unscriptural

First, a quick explanation of the Infernalist doctrine. Infernalism is the theological name for the soteriology believed by most Christians, which is the idea that if someone has committed a single sin in their lifetime — which every single human aside from Jesus has done at some point while they’re still a young child —… Continue reading The Hebrew Scriptures prove Infernalism is unscriptural

How long did “for ever” last in Bible times?

In my next article (which you can read here) I’ll be explaining how the Hebrew Scriptures (meaning the books of the Bible that are normally, and mistakenly, referred to as “the Old Testament”) prove that Infernalism is an entirely unscriptural soteriology, but first, I should quickly explain why the Hebrew words that are generally translated… Continue reading How long did “for ever” last in Bible times?

Events still to come

I wrote the following in response to a post on Reddit some time back, and I thought it might be useful to share on my website as well, for those who aren’t necessarily entirely familiar with eschatology and what the various books of the Bible say is still to come. I should say, this is… Continue reading Events still to come

Each in their own order

Before getting into the topic at hand, which is the order of salvations to come that Paul wrote about, it’s important to understand why humans actually sin in the first place (other than Adam and Eve; they had a whole other reason that we don’t have time to get into here), and why Jesus didn’t… Continue reading Each in their own order

A few thoughts on abortion

First things first, I need to point out that I’m not taking a position on whether you should consider abortion to be right or wrong for you in this article. As far as those of us in the church called the body of Christ go, worrying about whether something is sinful or not isn’t something… Continue reading A few thoughts on abortion

A challenge for Christians regarding my theology

When a Christian discovers that my current interpretations of Scripture aren’t the same as the interpretations they hold to, on most occasions they feel compelled to tell me I’m wrong and that I need to stop interpreting Scripture that way. The problem is, nearly every Christian who has condemned my beliefs will try to convince… Continue reading A challenge for Christians regarding my theology